Central Florida Fall Eggfest

November 9, 2019

Wekiva Island

The Central Florida Fall Eggfest (CFFEF… formerly Green Eggs and Weims!) is an annual event dedicated to the Big Green Egg grill and “Eggheads” (Egg Enthusiasts). Whether you own an Egg or just want to sample some unique new tastes from slow-cooked BBQ to baked goods, then the Eggfest is for you.

The event is hosted at “Egg Central” — Wekiva Island, 1014 Miami Springs Road, Longwood, Florida 32779 — rain or shine!

The festival benefits Keep Seminole Beautiful.

Registering as a Cook For the Central Florida Fall Eggfest

Are you interested in taking part in the Central Florida Fall Eggfest by being a cook? Register as an individual Cook, to be a part of this great event. Each Cook will receive one gift bag.

As an Eggfest Cook, you can prepare anything you like to serve. We’ll have the lighting of the Eggs at 8 a.m. on Saturday and you may prepare proteins, sauces etc., ahead of time. EggChefs should be prepared to provide a minimum of 100-150 bite sized samples to our tasters.

Long Cooks: Cooks who want to cook briskets, pork shoulders or other long cooks that can’t be accomplished between the lighting of the Eggs and 11 a.m. may choose to start their cooks on their Eggs at home, as long as they adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Items must be finished on a Big Green Egg at Central Florida Fall Eggfest (CFFEF).
  • Cooks must follow food safety guidelines and ensure that the protein temperature has not been between 41-135 degrees for more than four hours. The internal temperature must reach between 145 degrees whole or 155 degrees if injected. This information will be printed on the back of your access credential.

You are providing bite sized samples — you are not expected to provide a meal. Of course, more is fine and you are encouraged to show off your green egg cooking skills!